Backman Trummer Group

Port & Sea

Backman-Trummer Group is one of the largest port operators in Finland and the largest in terms of area coverage. It has operations in ten ports in Western and Southwestern Finland, ranging from Kalajoki in the North to Hanko in the South as well as in Hamina in the East, close to the Russian border. The total floor area of the Group’s warehouses is about 180.000 m2.

The port operator companies offer customised logistics services, from conventional stevedoring to comprehensive solutions covering all stages of the logistics process.

Selected News

Personalnyheter (Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab )

Rauanheimo har på sistone haft flera utnämningar i sin organisation. Heikki Ylikoski har fr.o.m. 18.6.2018

Henkilöstöuutisia (Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab )

Rauanheimolla on viime aikoina ollut nimityksiä laajalti organisaatiossa. Heikki Ylikoski on 18.6.2018 alkaen nimitetty operatiiviseksi
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