Backman Trummer Group
The Port Operation companies of Backman-Trummer Group handle over 10 million tons of cargo annually
Backman-Trummer Group is a preferred partner in International Logistics, Port Operations and Industry Logistics
Backman-Trummer Group is one of the largest, independent, Finnish providers of global logistics solutions
Shortsea Shipping saves both costs and environment

Backman-Trummer Group

Backman-Trummer Group provides global logistics solutions. These solutions consist of road, rail, air, container, liquid bulk container and project transports.

Backman-Trummer Group is also a major Port Operator in 14 different ports on the west coast of Finland, from Oulu in the North to Hanko in the South as well as in Hamina, close to the Russian border. The warehouse area of Backman-Trummer Group is 180.000 m2.

The third cornerstone of our operations is the Industrial Service offering versatile industrial services, in-plant logistics as well as heavy equipment rental.

Backman-Trummer Group, whose mother company Oy Backman-Trummer Ab is more than 130 years old, is a part of KWH Logistics, which consist of Backman-Trummer Group and KWH Freeze.

KWH Group is a solid, Finnish, family-owned company producing plastics, abrasives and providing logistics services.

Backman-Trummer Group consists of the following companies: Oy Adolf Lahti Yxpila Ab, Oy Backman-Trummer Ab, Oy Blomberg Stevedoring Ab, Oy Moonway Ab, Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab, Stevena Oy, Oy Otto Rodén Ab and A. Jalander Oy.

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Freight Forwarding

Our selection of services has developed into a smooth-functioning logistic chain transporting hundreds of thousands consignments every year.

Port & Sea

We are a major port operator in ten different ports on the west coast of Finland, from Kalajoki in the north to Hanko in the south as well as in Hamina, close to the Russian border The total warehouse area available is 180.000 m2

Industrial service

Industrial Service is a part of our service offerings including handling and storage of goods, construction excavation, plant service logistics and others.

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Backman-trummer Group